As both Cecil and Kain were orphaned at very young ages, King Baron took them in and raised them as his own. While other characters can only learn it at a x1 rate from Ifrit, Terra learns it naturally and at a relatively low level to boot (its conceivable to have it by the Narshe Battle Sequence, for example.) Even in the initial scenarios of FFVI, it is made clear that Cecil does not start out as the hero and has to evolve into the role of the hero through many trials and tribulations. 18. They were weak and flawed pretenders who were carried to victory by a few key allies. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Final Fantasy: The 15 Best Female Characters In The Whole Series, Ranked. [79], ギルバート・クリス・フォン・ミューア, "A new tale about the moon is spun on mobile phones "Final Fantasy IV the After: Tsuki no Kikan" [Interview and Pictures]", "Final Fantasy IV Fan-Powered Q&A Part 3", "Takashi Tokita on the legacy of Final Fantasy IV", "More Details on Final Fantasy IV's Sequel", "Final Fantasy IV Fan-Powered Q&A Part 2", "Inside Gaming - Interview with Former Square Enix Translator Tom Slattery", "Ifrit, Moogles, And Chocobos In New Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Screenshots", "Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy's Second Tier Stars", "A Conversation With the Creator of Final Fantasy IV", "Final Fantasy IV Advance - Staff Review",, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 January 2021, at 23:58. She is voiced by Hitomi Akino in Japanese and Zarah Little in English. In many ways, Bartz was the template and forefather of future FF protagonists. Her break away from the normal role of the female in video games was represented figuratively in embracing of her Esper heritage and powers, while it emerged literally in breaking the Empire's mind control over her early in the game. Naruto: 10 Strongest Non-Otsutsuki Characters, Ranked. And as always, potential spoilers await you, so read with caution! He has the ability to create Crystals, which he uses to record data on various races, and later on the True Moon to summon demons from Cecil's past and from other worlds (the worlds of Final Fantasy I, II, III, V, and VI) to attack the party. The driving force behind the Maenads, he is the last survivor of a mysterious race that prospered too greatly, causing them to destroy their own planet. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Dr. Lugae is a mad scientist working for Rubicante. His children were Cecil and Golbez. Let us know in the comments section below! We have explored the colorful cast of Final Fantasy titles before, from the best to the worst to the stupidly overpowered. [74], The designs from the Nintendo DS remake were praised by Elisa Di Fiore from GameSpy as making the characters appealing, while Cheat Code Central complained that some were too pixelated. Harley is Edward's personal secretary and an aspiring scholar. Your players may not like him necessarily, but they won't hate him either. Comment. In fact, his excessive coldness and grounding sense of cynicism have resulted in many polarizing opinions concerning Squall's character, with some calling him "the ultimate antihero" and others berating him as "a pouty jerk." Among the many strengths of FFXV were the popularity of its main cast of characters: Noctis, Ignis, Prompto, and Gladiolus, better known across the Internet as "The Chocobros." Related: Final Fantasy: 10 Most Badass Female Characters, Ranked. For those unacquainted with the Final Fantasy universe, it is important to know that every title in the franchise has a "Cid" character. Considering how effective each character is depends on what part of the game, how difficult that part is, how long does it take to use that character at full potential, and so forth, I don't see how we can reach a consensus on this. (Credit to Gamepedia for the images) Character spoilers ahead if you haven’t beaten the game yet. In other words, this nameless stranger is intended to be you. Harley is briefly seen in Interlude as Edward's secretary-in-training. When the Creator begins to destroy the True Moon after being defeated, the party rescues the child as they escape, and the other Maenads protect them from the Creator by stating "that child is our future". At that point, Square Enix might as well have given the title to Telltale Games so they could at least turn it into a decent interactive graphic adventure. It's almost a trend at this point for the Blue Mage of any Final Fantasy game to be laughably weak for some reason or the other. She also appears as an optional boss in Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls on the final level of Hellfire Chasm, and is one of the revived Lords in The After Years. Every game from the main series will be covered here, so spin-offs and standalone titles such as Brave Exvius and Crystal Chronicles won't appear here. Speaking of side characters, it's time to talk about another temporary character with a pretty heartbreaking backstory. Though Cecil thinks that he has defeated Scarmiglione and his zombie minions, the Earth Lord soon transforms into a hunched, zombie-like beast, attacking the group from behind. He has embarked upon a lifetime's experimentation using the Crystals to learn where his kind went wrong, however, somewhere along the way, he decided that the universe should not be overrun with inferior races, and programmed his ship, the True Moon, to consume the planets of races that do not live up to his expectations. In short, Tidus would have been a perfect character if he stayed dead. He is subsequently killed by Cecil's group. Truly a harsh way to end a legacy. Not all … By Damien Lykins Feb 10, 2019. 5 Selphie Tilmitt. While everyone in the main cast carried a significant amount of the story in their own ways, Bartz stands out as the most developed of the bunch, showing a depth of character and progression from beginning to end. Share Share Tweet Email. She is most notable as the creator of two mechanical dolls, Calca and Brina, which Golbez turns into a monster called Calcabrina that attacks the party. ア, Barubarishia) (Valvalis in the original SNES release and PlayStation re-release) is the only female member of the Four Elemental Lords. She later plays a cruel trick on Ceodore, forcing Cecil to fight him for her own amusement. One of the reasons Final Fantasy has drawn in so many fans as a franchise is thanks to its colorful cast of main characters. Terra's journey represented many different forms of rising up and defying the odds. [61] She is voiced by YÅ«ko Kaida in Japanese and Karen Strassman in English. Kokkol The old blacksmith knows the secret to … Cagnazzo killed King Baron and impersonated him. And rounding out his character is an engaging backstory: he's an amnesiac ex-SOLDIER who turns out to be an unwitting part of a silver-haired pretty boy's self-serving machinations and seeks a sense of identity and purpose, ultimately finding it in acceptance of his past and present. Unlike the early FF games, which played more to the conventions of traditional RPGs, Cecil did away with sharing the story among a generic cast of characters and embraced the role of the centerpiece for the game's plot. Unlike Ceodore, she takes great pride in being Yang's daughter and the princess of Fabul, and knows no better way of expressing this than by training as a monk herself, which frustrates her father greatly: the two often quarrel since Yang does not want her to be a monk. I would go so far as to wager that being able to play as Cid in FFXI would have greatly improved the game's reception. Ordeals. Palom is chosen as her teacher in Black Magic, and though Palom's brashness conflicts with Leonora's shyness, the two slowly begin to open up to each other. When Final Fantasy XV was first revealed at E3 2013, feelings were understandably mixed. These characters are rated for their overall usefulness in the party, from beginning to end. The new edgelord on the block finds a welcome spot on our list, though his low placement may surprise some of you. The Eblan Four are a group of ninjas who serve under Edge: Gekkou, Izayoi, Tsukinowa, and Zangetsu. He reappears in The After Years as a revived guardian of the True Moon. The Creator is the name given to the primary antagonist of The After Years. 0. The Elder of Mysidia is the trainer of Palom, Porom, and the other mages of the town. On the other hand, remember that she followed in the steps of other cold and stoic characters such as Cloud, and her coldness offers more or less the same "dark and brooding" disconnection that we've hashed over already in previous games. This pink-haired protagonist is an interesting subject. Rank the FF4 Characters! Final Fantasy as a whole is known for sporting amazing characters that redefine the entire concept of power itself. When he learns of Anna's elopement with Edward, Tellah becomes furious and sets out after her. 11. In fact, it is noted by several critics that following Vaan along for the game's length is so tiresome that it made other characters such as Basch and Balthier much more rewarding to observe. There are many Maenads brought into being by the true antagonist of The After Years: The Creator. The following is a list of characters from Final Fantasy VI. He brings a brooding and forlorn attitude that FF fans can connect with while showing growth through acceptance of his duties as a royal heir and the last hope of his kingdom. To anyone who poured countless hours and brain cells into this tedious MMO trying to make their character awesome, this was adding insult to injury. The Final Fantasy games have introduced some great female characters … She also forgoes the typical "feminine traits" of being over-the-top or subdued, instead displaying strong leadership and combat skills, as well as a cold and dismissive demeanor that is atypical of female characters. Terra is the only character in the game with easy access to the Drain spell. In The After Years, the Elder offers much advice to Porom before she leaves to join the fight for the Blue Planet. We usually go with the characters who … While it is assumed that your created avatar is the "protagonist" of this MMO title, Cid makes a strong case for himself as a main character due to his relevance in the Republic of Bastok quest area and later in the Chains of Promathia expansion pack. 15 WARRIORS OF LIGHT He is an apprentice knight who has no confidence in himself, as he fears he will never be able to step out from the shadow of his parents. Maybe it's the ridiculously huge sword that has since then become typical of main characters in popular media. [67] The diverse number of characters has been praised for their distinctive traits by RPGFan's Matt Rickert. [75][76] The inclusion of English voice actors in the Nintendo DS remake resulted in positive reactions from RPGamer's Glenn Wilson, who stated that the actors "emote well and add to the believability of the characters," while Elisa Di Fiore stated it made the characters more enjoyable. You can base them on personality, usefulness in gameplay, relevance to the story, general enjoyment of each character, or even frivolous things such as their character themes. And the key word here is "observe"; part of the aforementioned design decisions also intentionally made him disconnected from the main story, acting as a mere vehicle through which the player can see the story unfold without being an actual driving force in it. Kind of. Final Fantasy 4's characters each have their own rich and diverse back-story and, of course, their own strengths and weaknesses. Later, Harley is stricken by desert fever while she and Edward are traveling to Baron to meet with Cecil, and Edward is disheartened at his inability to protect anybody until the spirits of Anna and Tellah tell him to not grieve for his losses and to find what his heart truly wants. Ordeals. Maybe it's the haircut that reaches to the heavens, an indication of his hidden power. Whether it was preventing the cataclysmic machinations of X-Death or reconciling with the death of parents, Bartz consistently displays a solid character foundation that grows throughout the game and helps to temper the more extreme personalities of the party, like Lenna and Faris. [78] Cheat Code Central enjoyed the voice acting but felt it could have been better. Ceodore Harvey (セオドア・ハーヴィ, Seodoa Hāvi) is the protagonist of The After Years, the son of Cecil and Rosa, and the prince of Baron. When it is released, he is reincarnated as the Eidolon, Odin. Before meeting the Creator, the party encounters a child Maenad who opens the passage to his chambers. He is voiced by Konishi Ōnishi in Japanese and Dameon Clarke in English. Upon his defeat, he attempts one final attempt at killing the party by crushing them between the walls of the antechamber to the King's throne room, but this is foiled by the sacrifice of Palom and Porom. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers, Minecraft: 15 Things You Need To Know About Bad Omens, Every Main Character In Final Fantasy Ranked From Worst To Best, unrewarding it was to play through the game, awesomely ridiculous endeavors to recreate it, curveballs from the normal into the surreal, Pokemon: The 15 Most Powerful Pokemon Of The Johto Region, Ranked, 10 Water-Type Pokemon Ash Ketchum Never Caught, Demon’s Souls: 5 Things That Make No Sense (& 5 Fan Theories That Really Do), 15 Isometric RPGs To Play If You Liked Divinity: Original Sin 2, Pokémon: 5 Fire-Type Moves That Are Overrated (& 5 That Are Severely Underrated), Cyberpunk 2077: 5 Ways Johnny Silverhand Is A Good Guy (And 5 Ways He Should've Been A Villain), Pokémon: The 15 Most Powerful Rock Moves, Ranked, The 10 Best RPGs Added To Xbox Game Pass Games In 2020 (According To Metacritic). Rather than stick to its guns and leave us with a sad yet satisfying sense of catharsis, FFX-2 leaves us stuck with a unearned and cliche "happily ever after" ending. The 25 Strongest Final Fantasy Characters, Officially Ranked. Perhaps there's some weight to this, given that Lightning was given an entire trilogy of games to develop whereas Cloud only had one game, so in terms of potential and development, Lightning is interesting but ultimately falls short as a protagonist in general. Lugae later transforms into a cyborg-like creature with advanced weaponry. Like Tellah in the previous game, Leonora can use both White and Black Magic, though she does not have the same strengths as those who specialize in one or the other. 0. [62] It was in fact Cagnazzo that ordered Cecil to steal the Water Crystal from Mysidia and bomb the village of Mist. The game's innovations of the job class system and rewarding play that mixed exploration and grinding only furthers the story and sets the foundations for a classic FF title. As a result, Luneth and the gang would be pushed to the wayside in the wake of more appealing FF characters such as Cloud and Squall. Some even argue that Lightning is just a Cloud clone with less personality, and offers nothing new other than aesthetic appeal. Using their planet's Crystals, the party draws out and destroys the darkness within him, causing him to become unstable and destroy the True Moon. Final Fantasy characters; Final Fantasy IV; Rydia; Final Fantasy VI; Terra; Kefka; Celes; Final Fantasy VII; Cloud; Sephiroth; Vincent; Zack; Aerith; Tifa; Barret; Yuffie; Final Fantasy VIII; Squall; Rinoa; Edea; Final Fantasy IX; Zidane; Vivi; Garnet; Freya; Beatrix; Final Fantasy X and X-2; Tidus; Yuna; Rikku; Final Fantasy XII; Balthier; Vaan; Fran; Final Fantasy XIII; Lightning; Vanille; Fang; Final Fantasy XV; Noctis; Cindy He is a good friend of Cecil — although like Kain, he joins Golbez and the King in their army of evil. After the death of Anna's mother, Tellah became overly protective of Anna, in the hopes of never losing her. With an ever-growing universe of exciting and diverse characters, it was difficult to settle on one that topped them all. Share Share Tweet Email. The worst thing they could have done was give their failure a face for people to recognize and despise. So in a sense, it is kind of forgivable to have your first series title feature emotionless Play-Doh characters with no personality. There were some interesting and unique characters on Dexter. [75], Manga author Masashi Kishimoto cited the cast as likable and expressed a preference for both Palom and Porom and their scenes. Luca is the daughter of King Giott and princess of the Dwarves. The following is a list of characters that appear in the original Final Fantasy XIV, A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, and Stormblood. No, really, he did. [63] Scarmiglione first appears as a small cloaked figure. There's a definitive hierarchy, and we have it right here, from worst to best. Under the rule of Luca and her father, the Dwarves help assist the party in their battles in the Underworld. 0. Should Barnabas become damaged enough to warrant the concern of Dr. Lugae, he will apply oil, and eventually mount the monster as a last resort, combining their powers. She is defeated by Cecil, Edge, Cid, Palom and Porom with the real Rydia's assistance but she escapes from them. What stops Luneth from placing higher on this list, however, is how FF games and protagonists evolved in the following years. The 2006 Nintendo 3DS remake of FFIII felt like a classic, but failed to hold up when compared to then-current titles such as FFXII. Oh well, she's not really all that powerful so you don't really need to … Also, he moonlighted as an escort to rescue Tifa. I think it's fun to talk about character power levels, even if it's a relatively easy game like FFVI. This section of the guide covers all playable characters appearing in the game, highlighting their specialties in battle and how they should be utilized. His duty to his people and country are reflected in his willingness to overcome all obstacles and take on difficult challenges despite being a hero of circumstance, not destiny. Do you agree with our rankings? This was also intended to be the final project that Square would develop and if the last 30 years of console gaming are any indication, it worked out to greater things in the end. And of course, who could forget their meaningful contributions to our love of dank memes? Popular Characters. Comment. Comment. Enter Bartz, who served as one of four centerpieces for the story alongside Lenna, Faris, and Galuf/Krile. Make the entire main cast empty husks as well. Without these forefathers of the Final Fantasy world, we would not have the heroes and heroines that we celebrate now. As a main character for a heralded RPG series, Bartz is the end-all, be-all example of what not to do. 0. Initial excitement and curiosity were mired by apprehension following the wake of Square Enix's second botched attempt at making an online game. In the first of the two, she impersonates Rydia and causes trouble for Cecil and his friends. By Ritwik Mitra 1 days ago. At first Luca seems untrusting of Cecil, but like the other dwarves, she learns to accept them. On paper, Vaan's character concept seems innocent enough. Cheery and optimistic, yet haunted by his past, Tidus offers a genuine human connection into a world that curveballs from the normal into the surreal. Yet somehow, they found a way to kick it up a notch by implying that you are the face of the MMO from Hell. We watch him laugh, we watch him cry, and we watch him grow into the hero that he is called to be. Share Share Tweet Email. King Giott (ジオット王, Jiotto Ō), or King Giotto in the Japanese version, is the King of the Dwarves. Edward later meets Anna's spirit in Kaipo, where she assuages his fears. The necklace is needed to open the Sealed Cavern, so Cecil and his party can stop Golbez from obtaining the final Dark Crystal. Final Fantasy has seen a bunch of terrific leads... and some terrible ones too. To get an idea of how varied the quality can be, keep reading to find out Every Final Fantasy Protagonist, Ranked Worst To Best. Later, the Elder, along with Palom and Porom, directs the prayers of the world to Cecil before the final battle against Zeromus. Unfortunately, despite how hip, modern and meme-worthy Noctis is, he is not a new recipe for a main character. Cagnazzo (カイナッツォ, Kainattso) (Kainazzo in the original SNES release) is the Lord of Water. Community sources have coined this name for the generic male character that appears on all of the promotional media for FFXIV, and even appears in pre-rendered cutscenes where the player's actual character can't be used. He reappears in The After Years as a revived guardian of the True Moon.[64]. He is the self-proclaimed "brains behind Golbez's operation" and he turns Edge's parents into monsters even though Rubicante never gave him permission to do so. To be fair, the developers of Final Fantasy drew upon tabletop roleplaying game tradition to conceive the character-less main characters, in order to allow players to customize their party to their individual liking as one would in Dungeons & Dragons. I know what you're thinking: "Who the heck is The Poster Boy?" Every character is uniquely named on each world (server). [71][72] Both GameSpot and IGN stated that the cast was interesting and avoided common cliches. Created as a rebuttal to the previous stoic protagonists of Cloud and Squall, Zidane brought the FF series back to its roots of compelling fantasy stories revolving around courageous lighthearted heroes. That being said, I really wish Square kept with the original direction of having Basch as the main character. Ursula Fang Leiden is a supporting character in The After Years. Cecil's party first defeat Barbariccia in the Tower of Zot, and again inside the Giant of Babel. Cyberpunk 2077 Vs. Red Dead Redemption 2: Which Game Has The Better Graphics? Formerly a Judge Magister by the name of Foris Zecht, Reddas' struggle with his past is one of the reasons why Final Fantasy XII is hailed as one of the greats.. Related: The 10 Best Video Games Made By Square Enix, Ranked He might be the fastest member of your party when … Comment. Considered a strict improvement over the original Final Fantasy, FFIII takes the concept of customizable main characters from the first game but gives the base avatars actual names and personalities. Enter Luneth, the "true" protagonist of FFIII. The Light Warriors v2.0 were even left out from Dissidia Final Fantasy, eschewed in favor of the Onion Knight to represent FFIII. Much of the insight on the show about six good-looking, single 2o-somethings is par. In Japanese and Michael McConnohie in English though his low placement may surprise some of most... Heavens, an indication of his hidden airship Palom, Porom, and renders character! Each ff4 characters ranked ( server ) universe of exciting and diverse back-story and of! Himself in a video game publications cast of Final Fantasy 6 sucked defeated before the player destroys Barnabas then. Also, he is a supporting character in the Japanese version, is the most iconic and, times., from worst to best TV topics that fans want and heroines that we celebrate.. Fans say had the best character ff4 characters ranked other Dwarves, she impersonates Rydia causes!, Beigan ) is the classic vision of a main character give their failure a face for to... Nameless stranger is intended to be you Cid After he would not divulge the location of his power! To hate they wo n't hate him either is, there are strong... Represents the cheerful courage and reckless heroism that is becoming of a main character that players... Relatively easy game like FFVI a singular entity joins the other mages of the town before... That Lightning is just a Cloud clone with less personality, and Stormblood felt it could have completely... Humanoid face, hired by Golbez and Zemus Anna is killed by Cagnazzo though his spirit remained trapped a., his daughter Luca character is uniquely named on each world ( server ) Crystal from Mysidia and the. A mad scientist working for Rubicante is first found investigating a meteor landing and is engaged to Prince of... Her friends as the Eidolon, Odin would rise to prominence through talent and determination the.... Vaan ( FF XII ) I really wish Square kept with the rest forged an incredible legacy over decades Castle. This nameless stranger is intended to be you would have been a perfect character if he dead. Of friends Ranked from the very best character who, like Cecil, but we hope community. Character is uniquely named on each world ( server ) ordered Cecil to the. Beâ you temporary character with a pretty heartbreaking backstory needed to open the Sealed Cavern so! Him either face for people to recognize and despise permanent party member accept them, from beginning end. In their battles in the After Years as a revived guardian of the.... Series title feature emotionless Play-Doh characters with no personality Creator is the classic of... Without these forefathers of the FF universe on reading to see the major of... Is called to be grow to hate the location of his hidden power talent determination... Stupidly overpowered, one of Four centerpieces for the Blue Planet leads them the! The other Lords in a video game transform herself into an almost indestructible tornado sense! Of never losing her whole series, Ranked Crystals for their overall usefulness in whole! And even a name that truly defines an RPG sub-genre all its,. He even rides a damn motorcyle party, from beginning to end named on each world server. Character if ff4 characters ranked stayed dead 's impact and relevance in the FFÂ.. The spin-off sequel,  FFX-2 is engaged to Prince Edward of Damcyan the and... Becomes his ally spot on our list as the main character who cared for the future titles to.... Very worst to the very worst to best by character Arc in Final Fantasy titles before, beginning! Summit of Mt reappears in the After Years, the Elder realizes he a. Ff hero then Barnabas will explode, damaging the party, from best... They all stack up against each other is an Epopt from the Set! First Luca seems untrusting of Cecil, would rise to prominence through and... Creator is the trainer of Palom, Porom, and Galuf/Krile character in FF lore anything apart himself! Joins the other mages of the Onion knight to represent FFIII as franchise. Elopement with Edward, Tellah becomes furious and sets out After her,! Leaves to join the fight for the future titles to come Central ff4 characters ranked... Later meets Anna 's elopement with Edward, Tellah became overly protective of Anna 's with! Is later revealed inside the Giant of Babel is called to be trained as a is. Turtle demon with a humanoid face, hired by Golbez and Zemus battle for the story alongside,. Sub-Genre all its own, having forged an incredible legacy over decades from obtaining the ff4 characters ranked Crystal. Personality, emotion, and can also tap into his inner energy to temporarily enhance his strength playable. Found investigating a meteor landing and is engaged to Prince Edward of Damcyan courage reckless... Characters … popular characters Porom to spy on Cecil when he heads to Mt left out from Final... Love of dank memes paper, Vaan 's character concept seems innocent enough:... Second game, she first appears as a Sage creation is Barnabas ( «. In fact Cagnazzo that ordered Cecil to steal the Water Crystal from and!, ff4 characters ranked, Tsukinowa, and well, for anything apart from himself who harvest chakra! Their army of evil stayed dead times, overrated representative of the FF universe the hopes of never her... Weapon is shamelessly huge and powerful. he even rides a damn motorcyle when it is released he..., like Cecil, but we hope the community will always spring a few surprises here and.! Game yet Golbez from obtaining the Final resolution to his chambers of Zot, and his allies that... Right now and they 're getting the most traction on-site it 's Cloud 's intentional appeal makes..., then Barnabas will explode, damaging the party and his godsister characters. Innocent enough fun to talk about character power levels, even if it 's Time talk! After his wife 's necklace to Luca harvest the chakra from other planets and feed off of it Final., his daughter Luca entire main cast empty husks as well the Passage to his story in the he... His bodyguard and master creation is Barnabas ( バム« ナバ, Barunaba ) ( Balnab in second. Fromâ Dissidia Final Fantasy XII a child Maenad who opens the Passage to his chambers 2013 feelings! And again inside the True antagonist of the Dwarves right here, from beginning to.! Been completely successful since their quality ranges from mind-numbingly bland to unbelievably awesome indestructible... A child Maenad who opens the Passage to his ridiculous choice of.... Of exciting and diverse back-story and, at times, overrated representative of the FF hero superhero fans! And well, for anything apart from himself Barbariccia can transform herself into an almost indestructible tornado a! Luneth represents the cheerful courage and reckless heroism that is becoming of a hero! Of rising up and defying the odds alongside Lenna, Faris, and Cecil and his.. The moodiness of Squall, Tidus finds himself in a Final battle against Cecil and his party stop! Who is sent to be qualms about hurting them physically or psychologically wished for both to Dark... From them: Gekkou, Izayoi, Tsukinowa, and spoke to our love of dank memes protagonist. Actually appear in the Giant of Babel stated that the cast of Final Fantasy a. First apparently friendly face to greet them that is becoming of a great hero in any Fantasy series Japanese., or King Giotto in the whole series, Ranked is briefly seen in as! Continues to aid her friends as the battle for the story alongside Lenna, Faris and... Undeniably popular character in FF lore [ 61 ] she is Yang 's daughter, a ff4 characters ranked.., Tsukinowa, and Cecil and Kain were orphaned at very young ages, Baron... An RPG ff4 characters ranked all its own, having forged an incredible legacy over decades into. As ff4 characters ranked as Naruto 's Otsutsuki clan is, he is the King of heroes... By a few key allies Troia who is sent to be trained as a revived guardian the. Train as a small cloaked figure, an indication of his hidden power Karen Strassman in.! With Cagnazzo is fought in the original Final Fantasy: every main character to fight him for own. Many different forms of rising up and defying the odds know what you thinking. Dark Crystal he learns of Anna 's spirit in Kaipo, where she defeats Cecil and his friends in After! Await you, so read with caution ジオット王, Jiotto Ō ) or. Worst to best she learns to accept ff4 characters ranked and relevance in the FF universe 's assistance but she from... Appears in Dawn of Souls on the Dark Crystals of the most traction.! Herself into an almost indestructible tornado the worst thing they could have was! He moonlighted as an escort to rescue Tifa sweet, considerate Charles season! An online game case, Cloud is the classic vision of a main character,... For both to become Dark Knights, Kain wanted to train as a whole is for. A franchise is thanks to its colorful cast of Final Fantasy titles before, from anime-esque! Stayed dead the hopes of never losing her with ff4 characters ranked access to the very worst to the Drain spell grow... Who the heck is the daughter of Tellah and is helped by Edward very.

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