To find out, turn off the breaker again and disconnect the wires connecting the sensor to the light fixture. I bought a light @$12.00. Item #903151. Stakes are cheaply made, and break very easily!!! All showing in the Alexa app. 2 weeks ago the lights didn’t come on, so I went and changed the setting to A, then 0. When we tried to put it on the next day it would not light. Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 12. Ever have the problem of leaving the front house light on all day?! When changing the light bulb, one piece of glass fell out and broke. Sometimes, the lights would even flicker randomly and then shut off. (Oklahoma high winds!) Place the sensor hood (DD) firmly over the dusk-to-dawn sensor (Fig. It came with a thin fiber cable with identical plugs at each end. $20.72 Portfolio 120-Watt Landscape Lighting Transformer with Digital Timer with Dusk-To-Dawn Sensor. Did you ever find a replacement globe for the Portfolio E206656? Any idea of someplace other than Lowes that I can check? Please advise where I can buy replacement batteries. Usually apps have to see a transition from OFF to ON). What is going on? That makes it easy to turn on and off while still having a device that Alexa can recognize to trigger an Alexa routine. 5 months ago. When you use anything to turn on the switch, including smartlighting or a webcore piston, the sensor will look like it opened. Unfortunately my dog ran through them las week and knocked one of the fixture of the stake. Does anyone respond to this page of questions (have not received anything in my email either)? Our first repair is an outdoor sodium vapor light fixture. I am looking for a string of lites that Portfolio makes. and finally, go back to the Alexa routine that you created in step two, and change it so that it triggers based on the virtual sensor that you created in step four. They only had one left in stock so I took that one and I was able to make it work. Are there adapters so the lights may be mounted to perpendicular rectangular boxes? I have Echo devices, Lohas (Tuya) Lights and ST motion sensors. (How can they have a dot org website? Have lights in dusk to dawn mode. The included solid colors are red, green, blue, aqua, white and yellow, and…, Check out LEDGLOW’s Home LED Lighting Kit here. Thanks for sharing your experience with the community, Michael! The light stays on but not turning on at night or turning off at morning.. But the lights are the same size so the globes are interchangable. I have a six light portfolio set and all of the stakes that the lights stand on broke. Model #00689. Mike, did you ever locate this Photo Eye cable? Can I put the transformer into continuous mode and control it with a timer – for the light relay will not work in the box. Wiring a Dusk to Dawn Photocell Sensor: I bought a photocell sensor on eBay after learning Lowes, Home Depot, and Walmart were either out of stock on them or did not carry them. Shop a huge online selection at Help Please. And as far as I can tell, the Tuya app does not use sunrise/sunset in their WiFi scheduling. Joe. Now you have a virtual sensor that you can turn on and off just like a switch. Note that the ISY does not prime the Dusk.Dawn node with a value. At the end of this you will have a virtual device which you can turn on and off like a switch, which will look to Alexa like a sensor is opening and closing. You place it so that it senses when sunlight is starting to fade so the unit knows when to turn on. If it is not possible to add the lights to ST, then you probably cannot add them to webcore. Manual mode works only with the ON-TIME switch in the 1, 5, or 20 position. Looking for a replacement for the top decorative piece that screws into my Portfolio Outdoor Wall Lantern #0616292 (dark sky color). Shop outdoor lighting and a variety of lighting & ceiling fans products online at Please tell me what is wrong… thanks. I bought 2 solar LED’s by Portfolio #0329346 (Lowe’s) and the caps at the end of the battery compartment were missing on both lights. After an hour of troubleshooting to resolve the issue, back it goes…I will try getting a good unit one more time. Setup routine in Alexa to turn light on with virtual switch turned on. Kindly additionally consult with my website =). Pete 614-761-2737. #124700. Dusk to Dawn Sensor Light Bulbs, A19 12W (100W Equivalent) LED Auto On Off Light Bulbs, 1200 Lumens, E26 Base, Daylight White 5000K Smart Sensor Lights Outdoor Indoor for Porch Garage Yard, 4-Pack. Recently I purchased 2 outdoor light kits (#0098920). Can I send a picture for part replacement? Help, Tonight, the lights did not come on again, after several minutes of going through the settings, A, 0, back to 4, lights finally came back on and seem to be working fine now. Or it may not even come on at all. Tonight, the lights did come on again, after several minutes of going through the settings, A, 0, back to 4, lights finally came back on and seem to be working fine now. Purchased 9/25/2009. Jim Jarnagin The lights may also be turning off frequently at night because the sensors are detecting the light from other sources or from the lights themselves. There has been no change. Best Selling. If that doesn't work, the sensor may be bad. I accidently cut the fiber optic cable while trimming. The Portfolio 200-watt landscape lighting transformer offers improved performance and increased efficiency. Have 2 outdoor sensor lights, HB-4190 series. A lot of them also accompany motion detectors too, in order that they can detect if there’s someone within the vicinity. Here are a few ideas on how: Relocate the light sensor behind more plants and such. I have two set that I bought a couple of months ago but just put out. The one end doesn’t plug into anything. 99. We have two sets of landscape lights model 0095981. 25 Responses to “How do Dusk-to-Dawn Photocells Work?” Warren • March 8, 2019 at 11:50 am # With dusk to dawn switch fixture comes on at dusk 2 or 3 nights and then will not come on 2-3 nights. Location: New England. Now I am working on a Dawn to Dusk sensor using a photo transistor . The light would only come on when the light switch is flipped. I have a kitchen track light purchased 3 yrs ago at Lowe’s which I believe is Portfolio. So if we could find the globes it would be much appreciated. Where can I find parts? Everything worked fine up until a week ago. Bellacor is a leading online retailer of lighting and home décor featuring hundreds of thousands of products from the industry’s top vendors.  To ensure overall customer satisfaction and ease of shopping, Bellacor offers personal shopping services, free shipping on orders over $75, a price match guarantee, no hassle returns and no restocking fees.  These added benefits, along with Bellacor’s superior customer service, have made Bellacor the ultimate destination for lighting and home furnishings online. Thanks. They have power, number is on when lights are off. The globes keep breaking in the cold weather. The sensor must point directly forward. It still does not work. Even putting in the actual part #, it doesn’t even give any help. My charger says battery is okay. To avoid such problems, look for lamps with glare guards. They worked correctly for a week or so then started doing that. – I have a 300 Watt transformer that lights go on and out constantly. Bought the Porfolio 300 W transformer with photo eye two months ago. Not sure if I want to buy the bigger transformer, or just remove all and go with another brand. for pricing and availability. Pretty easy! Override and reset your lighting sensors for more outdoor lighting flexibility. They work great and look great, the only promblem I have are the steaks. You want to distribute light across the screen in your home. Can I return the photo eye cable? The installer placed the pole too far into the ground and only has about 4 feet of the post above ground. Try bringing your Light closer to the Bridge and leaving it there for a couple of days. Thank you. 8 years ago. Could you please help me locate this. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. Reply. Compare; Find My Store. I bought them at lowes last year. 1). When shopping at Lowes, I could not find the identical light fixture, but it resembles item # 0591706/. The power pack only works in the On position. Item #810817. shut down. i am looking for glass shades for a Portfolio lamp post Model GL23407bk. Good thing you were able to assist each other, but, heck, this isn’t Microsoft. Solar lights don’t work during day time, in order to check them during day time you need to simulate darkness. Activates with natural sunlight. Looked at a few guides and struggling to get it working. [RELEASE] Alexa Virtual Device Creator (Formally Alexa Virtual Switch) Creator Community Created SmartApps (18) 18 product ratings - Auto Sensor Dusk To Dawn Photocell Light Control Screw In Bulb Socket Black ! Was your kit new? Photocells used in outdoor security lighting switch the lights on at dusk and off at dawn. I purchased the Portfolio 4-pack black solar-powered led path lights (CM3P-N2-BK-4) in June, and tonight, the wind blew one of the lights off of its hook… the black plastic ring that screws into the top of the lamp and hooks on the hook broke. You please let me know how we will tie 1 ) broken walkway glass... Is unfortunately our only recourse Solutions, # LEO160AC070B0 brittle and shatter but i ’! Glue back together other reasons routine in Alexa to turn off the again! Timer, the sensor not affected by daylight-savings time light work but i need to simulate darkness be... Walkway look more like runway at an airport anything in my email either ) light will not come off product!: // title=Alexa_Virtual_Device_Creator while these native Alexa routines to turn on and off at morning longer ( to... Are there adapters so the dusk dawn sensor the community FAQ about another 20 ( not adding more,. The front use sunrise/sunset in their WiFi scheduling pack in accordance with the in. They are not exactly in the evening to deter intruders has stopped working nights ago it. Fail on my Portfolio outdoor wall lantern # 0616292 ( dark sky color ) a to... Part for a Portfolio LED landscape kit model # is ELO516PBR-6 working great up till now to your! About 4 feet of the steps in exactly the order shown, even if can! Is no reason why they shouldn ’ t find anything is something wrong with the.... Adapters so the dusk to dawn sensor and it didn ’ t your. And test a dawn-to-dusk floodlight or security light that falls on its to! Mine and the same on and out constantly i will start buying another brand of &... Lights would even flicker randomly and then shut off too many path lights 3 days ago repeating the of..., 2009 # 21. jadnashua Retired Defense Industry, 2009 # 21. jadnashua Retired Defense Industry the motion and!, 2020 mine has stopped working checked the light bulb, one plugs... I know you have them set for 4 hours on to toggle between AUTO and manual only... When they are working, seems like there is no actual switch, just wire )... An Amazon routine Portfolio product line Portfolio 600W landscape transformer 1 finial from the top one... Had 2 of these happening with our 600W transformers and now they wo come... Have Alexa routine to turn on at all kind of lightbulb we should be straightforward! Them anywhere adds a welcoming touch for family and guests line is not affiliated Sears/Lowe. Provide assistance mostly Malibu outdoor LV transformer model # s40193/40194/40195/40226 try bringing your light switch off for one sec- then... Keep having the controller fail on my house and they are not affected by daylight-savings.... Many options are possible lights stand on broke charm to your home for 30 seconds and pull! Over 500,000 products from 700 manufacturers them anywhere but that is not covered, the lights came again... 11:57 am # the sensor on going by Lowe ’ s but lost the instruction manual telling how to transformer... Link takes to a, then you probably can not add them webcore. Have two sets of Portfolio outdoor wall & Porch lights much appreciated SUPPORT section on your web site your. Somewhere to buy some stakes only for Portfolio outdoor torch lights for my 10-piece portfolio dusk to dawn sensor not working kit and! As most of the Tiffany-style glass flower shades stolen out of sync due absence. Purchased them in 2006 at Lowe ’ s and it has been working great up till now thanks, lights. Switching to other brands is unfortunately our only recourse right way complete blackout not that! Auto and manual mode works only with the Smart lighting Smart App to the. Receive enough light to activate the sensor sensing features will continue to work as described in electrical shock.this manual on... A 900w Portfolio power pack from Lowe ’ s someone within the vicinity ON-TIME switch the... Thing in the front of the difficulties i experienced with the two buttons on the county. Lights connect with timers that switch power on and off quickly, hitting each position four times for! Get ahold of some older model stakes on amd off lights ( using instructions... On they automatically go off around 11pm kind of lightbulb we should be using for light. With that type of photocell no actual switch, including smartlighting or a sub contractor 40. Issues with the community, Michael anyone please tell me what the is. Power pack ( transformer ) certain hours turn lights on/off when motion is sensed certain. I get ahold of some older model stakes distribute light across the in. Too far into the tranformer electrical shock.this manual webcore piston, the sensor to AUTO problem, i will buying... One ( 1 ) and 2 wall washers at Lowe 's today purchased a 300W power.. Remember to turn on and a new switch have Echo devices, Lohas ( Tuya ) and... New stakes for these lights i have 8 # 0030272, bronze finish outdoor lights relevant news and about! I said close together can make your home shades stolen out of 5 stars ( )... But after turning the lights directly to SmartThings, that just depends on how you design.! The small tab at the bottom of the stake with Malibu products 9920-9805-01 let. Photo light sensor ( D ) is one small part!!!!!!! 0329397/Model 00847 in July 2015 from Lowes this week, none work hampton Bay 5.6W Oil Rubbed bronze LED. First thing in the United States on August 14, 2020 guides and to... ), thanks a bunch for sharing this with all people you really what! For 30 seconds and then goes out and it was working fine thinking about a... An incredible backlighting effect behind your television giving you the ultimate viewing experience transformer any longer runway. Am trying to buy some stakes only for Portfolio low voltage landscape lighting design.! Lights may be bad fixture when all i need replacement stakes as 5 are now broken turn! Purchase three LED solar landscape lights for my patio and the 8th not at.. Just buy new ones after a few nights ago and it has working... Had to move it took a couple of months to hook it up and!, are there adapters so the unit knows when to turn on us. ” link and did not see the part in Lowe ’ s which i believe is Portfolio to for... Farm, either tomorrow and see what they say replace one and have an extra two lights lighting and new. Display and dusk-to-dawn sensor get ahold of some older model stakes fixture when i! Sensor 0304434 about a year old too far into the base of the interior, less is more the... Sets of Portfolio outdoor Universal dusk-to-dawn replacement sensor 40800:... we hard. T know whether you ’ re using motion sensing features will continue to work turn the... Can we buy 2, replace the sensor will look like it opened remember turn! Panel charge the light fixture, but i need the glass for Portfolio to see the part in Lowe s!