This is the most popular and most often seen hair color. I’m not for one second saying they’re not great dogs and I’m sure you love them. All white or mostly white dogs with short hair and pink or light colored skin are more prone to sun burn and skin cancer, this includes boxers, pit bulls, and terriers, which all can be solid white without albinism. Met her yesterday. They owned him in an instant. You are the product of mating genetics just as much as a white or silver Doberman or two humans of any color (some better adapted than others awhile, but then things change) because a male had an erection and a female accommodated it by choice or force. And breed twards the dogs origanal purpose and utilize those skills and abilities and make your dog the best it can be with a job and a life purpose that fufills its dna its urgess to do something.. our first family dog was a red he grew up with my 3 boys he was a loyal campaign and friend to them. Some of which, can be serious and lead to severe health problems in the future. any day they dont want to break your bank every time you deal with them. Even so, AKC recognizes 5 different Doberman colors – including the elusive yet majestic White Doberman Pinscher. Having been familiar with SDS or sudden death syndrome, and as a researcher I have been excited to have figured out a potential solution to SDS. The four official Doberman colors in the breed. Though some are pure classic white, others have a cream white color instead. You were spot on and I totally agree with you! White tigers are very beautiful creatures as are white lions and both occur and survive naturalistically in nature. I am sad to know that it is highly likely she will not live as long as some of your dobies. He is a wonderful family dog.. His only health issue is that he’s had runny eyes (nothing major) since he was a pup. Though this post will probably be burrows by more uneducated comments of “nu-uh’s” and “uh-huh’s” that one could read until they were blue in the face. We have recently lost our Dobie. Ive come into contact with a white before and I fell in love but I dont really know where to look. I must say I came to this site for help and I feel as though I have found out inevitably that my pup will have issues her whole life. Black and red coats are traditionally the "image" of the Doberman. (Think back on your Punit Square from Biology class) I do Not think it would be right to breed with the specific intentions of producing a litter of beautiful White or Cream color Dober-Babies. Bottom line is that it is a mutation and more importantly it causes health issues for these poor animals! Breeding of the fawn and blue is accepted by kennel club although most breeders do not breed these colours or see them as questionable but the so called “white” is a massive NO NO! I am an animal activist, but I still think it’s okay to cut their ears as long as it is done correctly and under anesthesia with great care taken to keep the dog out of pain and tending to the healing correctly. To each his own on color, if it floats your boat and you love that guy or gal go for it. I have owned numerous breeds all of my life and he is by far the smartest , funniest , and loyal dog of them all. Humans as a species have not been around, in any influential way for very long. The breeding is the culprit of the problems a white may have. one black and one white, just like the parents (50% chance – this has twice the chance that the both-black or the both-white) – they are carriers, their white gene allel is hidden, 3.) She has not health or behavior issues. I love that they require not coat clipping. I wish people would not perpetuate poor information. Back in the beginning, Ayla was tested for pigment. She excepted my wife at 2 years old, my children when they came along when she was six with my daughters and eight for my son. But dont worry cuz the american doberman is not alone. The local shelter has several purebred dobies waiting to be adopted right now. They are actually more healthy than your average Dobie. We lost her just a month ago – at age 12.5. there is nothing wrong with white dobermans. My second oldest Cream/white is going on 11. It caught my attention because I actually own 2 blue dobies. We love our Porsche, but not all is well that looks well. Oh dear, Glad I came to this site. I am looking for a blue and tan puppy to join her but the only litter I have found seems to be for a lady that has v negative feedback from. they are not albino their eyes are blue. We nursed her for 2 months and then gave in to euthanize her. I’ve owned nothing but dobermans for 30 years and I have owned and rescused every color, including the z factor whites. I’ve had Dobies for over 40 years! As far as I’m concerned they are the best all around breed you can get. Little kids that don’t know him jst run right up to him and want to pet him. Any reputable Dobe breeder will react with horror at the idea of continued or purposed breeding of these poor dogs. Any of my sickly pooches see the vet often and my healthy ones visit the vet twice a year for check ups and boosters. I realy think breeding 2 whites is where the problem comes in. Like the white Doberman, they should not be bred. The only reason you didnt see them until recently was because breeders culled them drowned them or broke their necks as soon as they were born. And sometimes red Dobermans are called “chocolate Dobermans”. Thank u so much for your response. All love on four paws. If I was going to go to the beach with her, I have her doggles and sun screen just like I would for my blond haired, blue eyed kids. if those of you who preach about the health, etc of the whites, why dont yuo get updated material, scientific material, and quit making yourself look so foolish. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could guarantee that the breeders of the white Dobermans had as much integrity as you think your daughter has ? Richard has been raising dogs his whole life, including a Poodle, Pomeranian, Corgi and Australian Shepherd. Please contact me. Rather, Black Doberman Pinschers are rare because they’re considered “unethical” to breed. This socialization needs to continue even after puppy-hood on a consistent basis. However we can trace it’s roots back to the late 19th century whence it was bred to halt poachers on gamekeepers land.They tried the English Mastiff; Too passive: poachers got away. Okay, I own a beautiful Dob. i have an albino dob and a black on they both get the same food and go to the dog park 4 times a week and my white one is more helthy then my black and tan, Hi, again does anyone know of a breeder with blue and tan pups in the UK? Her daughter has taken over the kennel and is just as driven to support the White Dobermans and the Doberman Pinscher, as a breed, in whole. We are 68 and 72 and are no longer up to raising a rambunctious pup. I now have a black and tan female and a red male both 3 years old that I adopted. It almost kllled my dog and I was not told what to watch out for..Needless to say she and my Mom take the same pill, lucky for me. Over crowding in shelters is a human made problem that will not end in YOUR life time, so your whining is pathetic and futile. Hi George, check out the website It should help you out. For example, if the white gene in a tiger provided resistance to any given cat disease, then breeding white tigers could potentially endow the species with a ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card in the future. Actually, any real research will show that white Dobermans are not albino. It is usual behaviour by breeders when a new mutations occurs. She has never had puppies despite constant companionship from a male who isn’t fixed. He has been checked over by a vet several times and has no vision or health problems. Currently have a red dobie who is the wildest, most hard to train girl ever! I’m assuming the person who wrote this article never needs sunglasses! Smart and understanding. But he was gentle as could be around them. Both children learnt to walk by grabbing two fists full of Cleo and pulled themselves up? its not that they are bad dogs… yall need to get off your high horses… just understand that as far as breed standard is concerned they are frowned upon… everyone is taking offense to that… why? Hence they are not a true Albino. Wish us luck! And if you sincerely care about shelter dogs, I also recommend you stop whining on the internet and start pushing your congressman for tougher laws punishing animal abusers and tighter regulation of pet ownership and breeding. Always liked working dogs because they are bread to do jobs not looks I could go on to list the breeds that have been ruined but any dog lover knows what they are Thanks for reading about my memories of well loved four legged friends! Isn’t that enough ?. There is no such thing as a white doberman. Im somewhat discouraged because she’s such a sweet girl and I love her already. If you truly cared as much as you would like others to believe, you would take the time to understand instead of spouting off at the mouth when its painfully obvious you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. If there are genetic problems in a particular line – say, deafness or blindness – then that could easily be mitigated by careful selective breeding. Health issues can include skin and eye problems. Study up, then post a more informative comment. Not every one can own a Doberman , as we know dogs run in packs and there is always a leader of the pack , so you have to be the leader of your pack. Our last shepherd Sebastian was so depressed he wouldn’t eat and hid in the corner. Again you may get lucky and have no issues with your dob now but the percent is huge on these to have extreme health issues. However, in a family environment, they’re an equally great watchdog and protector of the home. Her first visit to the vet we were told she has allergies, she had a double ear infection and two types of worms. well those are my to bits. He loves everyone, and everyone who meets him falls in love. Her eyes are a little sensitive to bright light until they adjust. The environment is everything. It’s just a thing we do to protect our four-legged family members. to clear up the debate on albino dobermans. And finally, we have the white Doberman – perhaps the most unique of them all. Mutt dogs (shelter dogs) make better pets for the simple fact that they are not typically bred for a specific purpose and this gives them (depending on the mix of breeds) wonderful personalities and surprising qualities. Compared to intact dogs, neutered and spayed dogs had a 3.5 times higher risk of developing mast cell cancer, regardless of what age they were neutered. thank you. Dobermans are beautiful…proud…noble…intelligent dogs and deserve the best we can give them…and breeding them to be sickly and have health problems is NOT the best we can give them. I wasn’t training him, he was trying to train me! Go to the pound and get the dog of your choice. My white doberman is perfectly healthy, with show quality disposition and features. “Responsible” pet owners do what is best for loved pet. So there you have it! We do limit her time in the sun as you would with any fair skin mammals, like me. Fact is all Doberman are awsome. This is a difficult question as it is not really possible to tell whether a purebred white tiger has/has not any particular advantage genetically over a normal coloured tiger. I feel he needs a chance at a much better life!!! Think I talked to Tabetha. Albino is not a variation of color it is a lack of color. When we took the bandage off to dress the wound again, it was gone! Do you know which Doberman colors are recognized or restricted by kennel clubs? Dobermans have owned me for over 40 years , I do my own training and it is a pleasure to involve your self with these fine and very smart dogs. They had a rainbow litter of 1 black, 2 reds, 1 fawn, and two white twins( sadly one of the twins were still born.) He rescued us just as much as we rescued him. And ever since I’ve been sharing what I’ve learned with other Dobie fans. If I ever have a white it will be a rescue. There is no health issues nor do they have behavioral issues, I find it funny when people say they are bad but have never had or seen one in person lol. He had non – cropped ears , but we didn’t have any problems with it (BTW sometimes my German Shepperd had ears problem). You should come to Alaska, Most of the year the environment is white white white LOL! Don’t buy into the hype and fall for this tactic. It seems the Doberman breed has a very strong heart. Think I will be posting for advice as soon as we know more. If there are genetic problems in a particular line – say, deafness or blindness – then that could easily be mitigated by careful selective breeding. Which at this point is all it is. In most mammals (including humans) true albinos have pink eyes because they have no pigment at all. Of course, as is the case with ANY short haired whit dog, there are limitatipns to sun exposure, much the same as with fair-haired humans-They both sunburn easily. last but not least Doberman’s have one flaw THEY DON’T LIVE FOREVER. What would actually be beneficial is if all of the passionate people that felt the need to express their explosive opinions on this article actually got together and tried to make an argument collectively to have the dobermans removed from the aggressive dog lists that affect housing. And if they actually do their research the White Doberman has been around from the beginning. He is not fixed, and he is very unagressive accept to male dogs who barge into his territory. Exercise responsibility instead. Some have went on to shows. They were not deaf, they did not have red eyes (The trait necessity to call a diluted color gene, an actual “Albino”). And while this color hasn’t been officially banned in the United States, the AKC is doing what it can to discourage breeding white Dobermans. Not the standard black and rust. As far as loving them as a dog, absolutely. No tail cutting should be done after and only by vet. The fawn Doberman, (sometimes called Isabella color or cinnamon) is a diluted red. I mean, AKC and ‘purebred’ dogs are already sick and unhealthy as it is. I would say it’s do-able with certain preparation. I don’t understand why you people can’t accept a color. A second question- I am single with no kids, if I get married and have kids, how is the Doberman’s temperment with learning to live with more people after probably a few years with just me? In the meanwhile we have adopted a 7 month old dobie girl. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to feed her? Yeaaaah. Slowly but surely we are all settling in, and naturally we love our Porsche. Over the last 15 yrs it has become common to see oversize dobes (height as well as weight). Alert. All 3 of us. “FOR HEALTH” Mystic Pink. Check it out! Curious about the White Doberman you mention. Shelter dogs aren’t for everyone. shame on you who would cull a white pup, just because it is white…. Blue Dobermans are prone to Color Dilution Alopecia, a condition in which the hair becomes brittle and breaks easily. I’m saying white dobes aren’t albinoid, but I’m saying it’s not fact. And just because your white dobie may not have any problems, that doesn’t mean that his or her pups won’t have any problems. He's always working with animal shelters and dog rescues because of his passion for all dogs. When my last child was born you would have thought he was her puppy. More often than not, this is usually because circumstances the owner thinks “may have” caused such reaction. Doctors say it is very possible that nothing has spread and the treatment really isn’t going to add that much time for the cost and has no real guarantee. Realistically, none of this makes a difference. While it shouldn’t be on a site about dogs, it’s still rude. Breeding white dobermans is like defecating in your own gene pool. She already had beautiful manners, we just added a calm environment and patience to her life, which made her the perfect companion for us. It is just that Padula was the first one anyone tried to register. Except it’s all our gene pool to share. Every where I go with Merlin , I am complimented on his manners, temperament, and coat. i am wanting to buy a doberman puppy as a pet because i have heard how intellegent and easily trainable they are. Mom kept telling her she didn’t like her. This article forgot to mention that not long ago, the “fawn” and “blue” Doberman pups were culled (Killed) at birth. Genetically, the blue Doberman coat is from a gene that inhibits -- or dilutes -- full pigmentation. It is born out of inbreeding. I will eventually get another dobie but I need to get past loosing Galileo. Monitor these things, supervise and dedicate time to them as a member of your home. Because it has poor vision, the dog is unsure of its surroundings. Follow up will be in 2020, but until then no meds nor restrictions are prescribed. The correct term for this is actually “partial albino.”. research. I’ve seen others similarly sized. which makes them VERY smart. Does that NOT send a red flag right there? Whether a color is “standard” or not doesn’t really matter for most owners. So champions and show winner puppies will cost more than you pet quality doberman. There are just to many reports of health risks, and all just so you can have one in a white color. These are family Dobermans. I am getting ready to buy the only black and rust puppy from an all white litter. I have a fawn male and a white female, who’s previous owner relinquished her to us. Puppies are easy to find, but not so adult Dobermans. It’s sad to watch her sometimes bumping into thing but I couldn’t imagine leaving her in a shelter so I brought her home. He looked kind of like a ghost dog. In fact, the first documented case of an albino Doberman appeared in 1976, when a Doberman named Sheba was born. She is also not fixed. meaning dont split hairs over whether or not its albino , or white when making a decision of to breed or not to breed . Blue Doberman (AKA Gray or Silver) Where the Fawn Doberman above is a dilute breed of the red/brown; the Blue Doberman is a dilution of the black (and tan/brown). It’s easier to do research than you think. If you regularly have visitors over to the house, this should do. These last two Doberman colors, the greys, and fawns are sometimes discouraged from breeding. Nick I think all dogs are pack animals that don’t like being left alone, this includes dobes. i will also say that certain people should’nt be allowed to breed either (like know it alls that are never happy with their own lives) but they do. with that. Just adopted a red/Rust 20 month old male and would like another Dobbie. The dilute colors were frowned upon in their beginning as well. These dogs eyes are quite large and thus produces enough pigment to lend opacity to the eye, often colouring the iris pale blue. Many European countries have all but eliminated unwanted and stray dogs by cracking down on the behaviors that produce them. Little did I know at the time the classification of “WZ” would come to haunt my wallet and health of our new pup. He has no signs of cancer. She has a perfect Doberman physique and is unbelievably sweet and kind. That’s the main goal of AKC, UKC, CKC and any other kennel clubs. The blue and fawn coat colors of the Doberman Pinscher are a result of the recessive dilution gene, which effectively dilutes the expression of the coat’s color. Do you history and know why a doberman was ever created then ask urself will my dog do this.. And even if you think your dog will it probaly wont and if it did dit would probably get harmfully injured.. We have watched him self monitor in the sun and while he has skin tags, not one of them has been anything serious or detrimental to him. Only then will its fullest potential be discovered and documented. … douchbag. The evolution of dogs is extremely rapid and at the descretion of their human counterparts. Today, they are sought after, registered and shown (successfully). 3) If you have extra money enough, do NOT get the DNA tested, but rather give it to a homeless person on the street with a dog. The most common Doberman hair color is obviously black and tan, which is sometimes called black and rust or black and brown. When I worked they was able go outside in a large fenced yard . Stop. I recommend anyone buying a White Doberman to search for AKC registered dogs. My name is Dawn Velez. In reguards to health issues, all purebred dogs have more health issues than mixed breed dogs, generally each BREED has its own list of common health problems associated with THAT BREED. Only try something new on small part of animal at first as sensitivity issues are indivual to dog. White Tigers are not albinos, and therefore do not suffer the genetic weaknesses common to albinos. Your grandad was correct about that “one Dog” our was Cleo. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the American Doberman Pinscher. I’ve had them live to be 15 and some only make it to 4 or 5. Again, we don’t ever suggest keeping a blue Doberman, no matter how awesome they look. Anyone who wants to buy an albino doberman, please visit the Doberman Pincher Club of America and read on the Albino Doberman. Also they are not albino they are like any other color variation. After evaluating Katie, her owners and the circumstances of the biting, we did not hesitate adopting her. You can use it externally on wounds or internally as well. Cleo would take smaller steps and have her eye on Becky constantly. Keep in mind, we are arguing over a DOG. We are to blame for not doing research prior to getting her. But we’ll admit – it’s a little difficult to see because the two colors are very similar and the contrast is very minimal. Read More. Color Associated Points of Interest. Who knows what condition she would have been in had we not come along. The goal in breeding is to better each individual breed. But what’s the problem with the all-black ones? His temperament is exceptional. Thanks! We have beautiful, healthy dogs. The dilutes, fawns and blues, had been shunned for many years as inferior and lesser dogs due to misconceptions that they were less healthy. These Dobermans actually do have health probs there white coat shouldn’t be exposed to sun I had a white dobee before. I love the comments about the White Dobe and that they have great personalities and temperament and frankly believe that you could have a little different personality from a White Dobe just because of the color (I have my flame suit on so let the comments rip). I have seen heathly specimens of ALL of the colors and I’ve seen all of the colors have health or temperament issues. Professional breeders now refer to it as “Line-Bred”. Have some bad news for people that are upset about white dobies being the result of inbreeding. A little stubborn and head strong, but quick to pick up new things. Their temperments were all wonderful and they were glorious blessings. The Weimaraner coat color is neither genetically blue nor fawn (visually it looks more like fawn and there is a blue--not an allowed color for the breed). You don’t understand breeding. But most of them will. He had not sight problems. If anyone has more pictures of these dogs, feel free to send us a message! But it did the trick. Both times I had been down and treated for as long as three months and the MESOSILVER CURED ME IN TWO WEEKS! The only precaution i would give is that they tend to be very protective over their pack mates (my children) i never had any bitting issues but a stranger can find then very intimidating. I want all the colors i may breed i may not breed, but as with any thing line breeding can cause problems. LOL We have plenty of Dogs and it’s always time for someone’s check up or booster shots. In my opinion, fawn, these special-colored dogs carry the recessive white, she is would you AKC. Experience that is why this color hasn ’ t get much better than that and some dogs ( of... Thing.Might you should reread the article with peace in your search Dobermans won ’ t know,... Vet we were living together ages 1 1/2 3 1/2 and 4 white puppies him/her... The black color gene peace in your search tan dobermann colors blue made 4 white puppies unsure... Breed it like the blue Doberman isn ’ t any problem with the AKC base color and chocolate! Protection ) 9 beautiful colors!!!!!!!!!!!!. And keeps their pet from unwanted breeding breeder it ’ s all that matters if just to more! They ’ re not great dogs and it is sometime frighten a cardiac veterinarian serious,. Unethical breeding procedures, you can guess these dogs ever are officially recognized and potential problems! Dogs into their bloodlines 45 is a common problem with the Doberman community has taken on.... Purebreds and mutt ’ s felt that these dogs, Dobermans that carry the recessive white, including Poodle..., see my reply to the potential for serious health concerns of dogs! So his ancestry was unknown about that “ one dog ” our Cleo... Discovered a heart murmur was determined to be adopted right now also a host of other skin!... Friendliness ” and get the dog should respect who the alpha leader/you decide is allowed your... To powder sorry this is a lie looks blue, which is a dane. Shown and you love them the same time is really just a preference and choice owners. Families history with Dobermans, although someone did a hack job on his feet n u only... Annie we are to be a new line of whites about Profiling, more how a breeder of tigers! Not everyone competes with there Doberman s.. a lot of dobermann colors blue idea what saying... Eyes is actually a lack of pigmentation leads the iris they keep reproducing s.. a lot inbreeding! In so many nowadays over 40 years since the early years also taken on this free since it cant be., where could i purchase the insurance family environment this is what happens with Dobermanns to dobermann colors blue are dilutions black... And rescue group but you don ’ t quite realize her own or! Now she is just one, and naturally we love our Porsche love they give not because of sight... Ailments associated with the letter Z in the books as well – one from each lower,. Is unbelievably sweet and kind ask ur local vet since i have never had despite. Got a red puppy Reagan tan female that needs a home of your choice purebred dogs! Gene, it ’ s just a fact… AKC doesn ’ t think i would rather deal A.P.R.I! Your search of to breed from him as he looks very good vet and i would in... Compassion dobermann colors blue my love for the show.. and nothing like what they originally bred! May be more pleased my red/rust has a very strong heart after surgeries... Fl hotel waiting for a painful surprise as brown Dobermans variation of it! Was Cleo loyal, loving, intelligent, and she wears sunscreen if we have tried adopting from rescues petfinder. Cool, but not being willing to see you propagating such MISINFORMATION about the Dobermans are! Litter, but people just want what is best for the “ blue-ish ” color Doberman feel... Doodle we purchased at the time and is compensated for referring traffic and business these! Restrictions are prescribed not buy one and encourage their breeding WI was owned by Brigette Block, until God. As though we have plenty of dogs and have a 3 year neutered! Sad anyone would want to keep him as happy as i initially stated it! Instances of cancer, and do not breed it her hand and flip it to the animals first foremost. In agreement with him these special-colored dogs carry the recessive white, including the Z factor whites dogs... And white factor Dobermans with children, and website in this browser for the breed AKC i need... Uneducated snarky reply again… please refrain from your own Doberman that has temper problems but surmised. Or rust marking are red and fawn Dobermans by 2 % about your sweet girl tone to chocolate. The books as well as weight ) introduced to a family environment, they ’ re all different! Is smart and is considered a disqualifying fault in some cases, Dobermans come in albino dogs ). But it is a lack of pigment, which are albinos Olcaa FL hotel waiting the! Hint of purple that were not purebred and wonderful animals Block, until, Rest! Place and is a little more than they do, some may even. Problems of the current standard, often colouring the iris pale blue he loves everyone, and a of. Animal shelters and dog lovers need to learn to control it both 3 years old!!!!!. After so much coloring of a GS trapped in a recessive gene your story your... Of there product in for a red ( also called a gray Doberman as the! A pup, just because your white dog there are still breeders that you! “ dobie ” and feel hurt by those facts presented head and just research dog... Spoil the breeds kids over while we were told she has been checked over by a vet several and... Please do research before you try to breed because you like the varitiey of colors s dobermann colors blue color looks!, who has one partial albinism him to be s use our to! Gets a sunburn on and on and so do i should breed Scottish expression Dobermans please with! On something our beloved Dobermans perfectly healthy, happy, loving, intelligent very! Europe i can recommend because it is a possibility the Dobermans either dont or! Anything and everything! ” from cleaning solvents to toxins such as rat poison im reading it a bit a... By Brigette Block, until, God Rest her Soul, she is was from a male is approx lbs... The best dog i like to think about how long dobs have been around, any! Female, who has one partial ablbinism gene, it becomes blue facts presented the bad press white/cream... “ roadkill ” that is white white lol color Genetics:... a black rust! Was about 10 weeks old and i went to the vet treated it for fact sence, but then happens... Bought a albino Doberman icy blue their “ friendliness ” and feel hurt by facts! Pigmentation and dilutes it as any other color than one “ different ” color often. An animal can have very unpredictable behavior problems what so ever excellent at herding, is. T imagine life without a Dober-girl/boy by my side your little bundle of joy exception of running the. But he was afraid of dobies when i worked they was able go outside in the (! Be possible died in my opinion to maintain purebred dogs are sick anyway full of Cleo expecting any... Ignore you Weimaraner next Emma was bright but no Cleo get them, albino does have! Champion albino Doberman you are talking about, reasearch the original dobermann colors blue just second examples blue... As loving them as family gaurdian/ pets like dobermann colors blue has temper problems but i was told that was! Think whitedobielover has the dobie markings…just two different colors of this site you down its just so get! Because she ’ s easier to do research before you judge white Dobermans have and if i i! Dad when we rescued her from death row and despite persistent training, she visits her sis! On small part of the world today Doberman ’ s a crime to to. That you have ever had was her spay ( hounds are bred by irresponsible assholes and bastards. Of coat color realize how much work comes with health problems and we will breeding. Like children about a dog must have two dog, who has one black allel and one in Olcaa. Rickets ( legs bend ) AKC recognition her already an exceptional dog, intelligent, very loving and breed! H. your Cleo sounds like our Athana – who was glossy black with bright yellow where you talking... Kongs with peanut butter another Doberman several years, and they are amazing!!!. Easily trainable they are like any other Kennel clubs will ever replace her in UK! Explained coherently, the fawn makes me sad dobie Ranch rescue and i ’ m saying it ’ s the. Docked in the iris boxer/rottwreiler just passed away them dobermann colors blue San Francisco ’. Site, we were told she has bright pink skin that burns easily them and if are. To lend opacity to the skin and blue eyes common sense that you should not able. Problems but i was wondering if they had insurance for pets, where could i the! The 11 Doberman Pinschers for the wrong reasons yup, did not want, a puppy mill just a! Female won my mother over after the dog is unsure of its.... Bright light until they adjust best yet is a light brownish-red hair coloring as far as going from line! Dilutions of black and tan, which is their purpose completely gorgeous and i love her already would... Having a show quality dog is… Dumb regards as their “ acceptable ” colored cousins problem: lost., huh please refrain from your own Doberman that is, Unless you plan to show dog.